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Hospital Indemnity

Indemnity plans can offset the expense of having a high deductible plan in the event of a hospital stay. You can combine it with health insurance or a Medicare Advantage Plan.
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Dental & Vision

Most plans don’t cover dental and vision care. We offer individual and family coverage that covers routine care as well as special services based on your selected service plan.
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Disability Income

If you can’t work because of a disability, who is going to pay the bills? Getting coverage that keeps your bills paid and provides income for living expenses makes smart sense.
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International Travel

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but what if something happens? Insurance can cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, and even emergency evacuation.
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Cancer & Critical Illness

Cancer or a serious illness can wipe out your hard earned savings fast. Make sure you have the extra coverage you need to help with possible financially crippling medical costs.
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Identity Theft

Thieves have become more sophisticated. Is your personal information protected? We provide pro-active monitoring for your peace of mind to keep you safe in our digital world.
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Social Security Claim

Each year money is left unclaimed from a simple lack of knowledge. Maximize what you get from your Social Security benefits. Our experience makes the difference for you.
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Where do you turn when you have questions? We can help you find the answers with our selection of information resource websites to help you learn more on a wide variety of topics.
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