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Why Imagine Insurance Advisors?

Allison Harris, founder of Imagine Insurance Advisors
Allison Harris, founder of Imagine Insurance Advisors

As the founder of AM Warner Insurance and now Imagine Insurance Advisors, I wanted to explain our name change and philosophy.

At AM Warner Insurance now rebranded as Imagine Insurance Advisors, we strive to give you the information needed to make wise personal choices for your future. We believe that education is the key to making that decision. The best place to begin learning is with the basics. We address each topic in easy to understand terms so you can gain information quickly.

We are independent insurance agents. This means that we offer multiple products from multiple companies. We do the shopping and comparing for you. This allows us to help you determine the coverage that best suits your needs and provide a recommendation from all the products available. Our clients find that this eliminates the need for them to do the research and results in quicker and better solutions with less confusion on their part.


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