Services for Social Security Claiming

Man puzzling Social Security benefits as a puzzle.
Get Help & Guidance on When to Claim Your Social Security Benefits to Maximize Them!

Services for Social Security claiming what’s that? Don’t know how to claim your Social Security once you are eligible? Did you know that there are millions of dollars left on the table from people not claiming social security benefits or claiming them at the wrong time?

Maximize Your Social Security Benefit

Did you know that if you claim Social Security too soon, you’ll give up part of your benefits forever?

In fact, if you are still working, you may not even want to claim your Social Security benefits until your full retirement age. If you claim while working, you may lose part of your Social Security benefit if you make over a certain amount of money.

Did you know you can draw off of your spouse’s Social Security and receive half of their benefits if they have attained their full retirement age?

Do you even know your full retirement age? It depends on when your birthday is. Currently the full retirement age is 66 but shortly will be going up to age 67.

We know that you need and deserve to maximize your Social Security benefits you are due. Social Security will not tell you how to maximize your benefits, but we will!

Guidance You Can Trust

At Imagine Insurance Advisors, we see people almost every day who are leaving money on the table when it comes to Social Security benefits. We are working on our certification to be able to better advise you as to your options so that you can maximize your Social Security benefit.

We should have the certification completed by the end of the summer so check back with us for more information. We want to be your one source for all your senior needs.