Dental and Vision Insurance

Woman at a Dentist
Dental insurance helps you keep more money in your pocket while keeping your mouth healthy

Medicare and most health insurance plans do not offer coverage for dental or routine vision care. Protecting and keeping an eye on your oral and ocular health is the gateway to avoiding health issues in other parts of your body.

Dental Insurance Options

Dental insurance is a good way to cover the cost of your routine oral care and lower your cost for treatment. While dental insurance has maximum amounts that they will pay out in a policy year, it gives you access to negotiated rates, so the remainder of the cost of your treatment is at a discounted rate vs cash.

Now-a-days, there aren’t really waiting periods for major work, but there is reduced coverage in the first year or two. So you have some coverage, but the benefits may be lower in the first years of your loyalty status.

Vision Insurance

Medicare and health insurance covers treatment for diseases of the eye (such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts,) but will not pay for routine eye exams and glasses/contacts. A vision insurance plan is proven to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for routine eye exams and glasses/contacts (vs paying 100% out-of-pocket.) Like most insurance, plans have a network of providers you must use. With the vision insurance we offer at Imagine Insurance Advisors, we find that there is no shortage of quality and popular vision providers that accept the plans. Benefits include an allowance for eye glasses or contacts and an annual routine eye exam for a small cost.