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We’ve worked hard to create a wealth of knowledge and resources that we use to help you.

Over time, we have met many local professionals that work in other industries, such as senior housing, elder law attornies, financial planners, and home health care. We can refer you to professionals that we know and trust to help you with other areas of service that you may need. If you have a need other than insurance, you are free to run it by us and if we know someone that can help, we will give you their contact information.

Important Organizations

Medicare: 1(800) 633-4327 or online at

Social Security: 1(800) 772-1213 or online at

These are the OFFICIAL government websites and phone numbers and the only sites/numbers that you should ever provide your personal information to. Any other site/number is not government related and could potentially use your information for marketing purposes or unsafe practices.


Working With Us/How To Request A Review

If you’d like to work with us, we need some information ahead of time in order to be prepared for our appointment or phone discussion. Please download and print the appropriate packet and return to use via mail, email or fax as soon as you can. This information is used only to make suitable recommendations for you.

Plan Review Forms

Please understand that the government requires us to document permission to discuss your options (even if you are already a client,) so you MUST check the box for the products you want us to review and sign the Scope of Appointment Form, or we CANNOT talk to you about any options you don’t check unless you sign a new form and return it to us. Please help us be compliant while we help you.

If you are requesting a Part D drug plan review, we need the “Part D Drug Plan Review” set of forms.

If you are requesting a Part C Medicare Advantage plan review, we need the “Part C Medicare Advantage Plan Review” set of forms.

Part D Drug Plan Review PDF

Part C Medicare Advantage Plan Review PDF

Authorization Form PDF