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We’re Ready to Help with Other Insurances and Products

Other products? Yes, we have them to make your life easier. At Imagine Insurance Advisors, we are independent life and health insurance agents. We are proud to offer a wide range of ancillary products and services to help fill in the holes that Medicare or health insurance may leave.

As with all of our offerings, we represent multiple options and companies for every product we provide. We have researched the plans we offer so that you don’t have to shop around.

Let us assist you in determining if additional coverage could give you more peace of mind or help to reduce your overall costs in the event that your health doesn’t stand the test of time.

We Have Solutions in the Following Areas

Dental and Vision Insurance
Medicare and health insurance typically don’t cover dental care and vision care.

Hospital Indemnity
These plans will pay money directly to you regardless of other coverage you have for an in-patient hospital stay. They may even cover skilled nursing or outpatient care.

International Travel Insurance
Your health insurance may have limited coverage for traveling outside the United States. Affordable plans can give you additional coverage for when you are travelling abroad.

Disability Income Insurance
How will you replace your income if you are not able to work? Disability insurance can help you pay your bills while you recover from an illness or accident.

Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance
A critical illness like a heart attack, stroke or cancer can be very expensive. A policy provides coverage for these medical events.

Identity Theft Protection
In our current age of technology, it is easy for someone to find out enough about you to steal your identity. Identity theft can be costly and time consuming to fix. Identity theft protection helps you monitor activity surrounding your identity and puts someone in your corner to restore your identity in the unfortunate event that you become a victim.

Social Security Claiming Services
All too often, money is left on the table by people who don’t know when they can start their social security and who they can draw off of.  We can help you maximize your social security benefit.

It Only Takes One Call to Get Started!

One phone call to Imagine Insurance Advisors and we can help you determine what sort of coverage you need all while keeping in mind that you have a budget to stay within. Our job is to educate you as to your options and properly enroll you in those plans which gives you the peace of mind so that you can enjoy living life. Call us today at (502) 742-4979 to get started.