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Scam alert!

We have heard from several clients that they are receiving calls from people pretending to be Medicare saying that their Medicare.gov account has issues.  The scammer is requesting their Medicare Number and/or other personal information.   Medicare will NOT call you about your Medicare.gov account, but they do send you a letter after you have created your account to let you know that your account creation was successful.  If you receive a letter that says there is an issue with your account and has a number to call, do not call it; it is also a scam unless it has Medicare’s phone number on it (see below.)

Do not give out your Medicare Number or any other personal information to anyone who makes a call to you saying they are Medicare or any other agency. If you think there is an issue with your account, just go to Medicare.gov and try to log in. If you login works fine, then there are no issues. If the Username or Password are not correct, just use the “Trouble Logging In” link to reset your password.

You should only ever give your Medicare Number out if YOU made the call TO Medicare’s number 1-800-633-4227.