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AEP is peeking around the corner!

The Annual Enrollment Period is the timeframe during the year that your Part D drug plan or Part C advantage plan’s benefits may change and the only time that you can change your plan. This period goes from October 15th to December 7th. No changes may be made to Part D drug plans after December 7th.

Your current insurance company is required to send you (via mail) the Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) by September 30th. The ANOC informs you of any changes to the premium, deductible, copay tiers, and what the preferred pharmacies will be for the following year.  It is important that you review this information. If you are still satisfied with what the benefits will be, then there is nothing you need to do in order for your policy to keep going. You do not need to re-enroll or sign anything; it will automatically renew and your payment method will stay the same.

Changes for us at Imagine

Medicare has revamped the Plan Finder Tool, which is the program within the Medicare site that is used to view and compare plans and costs specific to your prescriptions. The look and feel is totally new, but it still does the same functions as before.   The big change for us is that we can no longer save and recall an anonymous list of your prescriptions, which is how we were able to quickly and efficiently review your options during this time. This means that in order for us to review costs specific to you, we need to access your personal Medicare.gov account to work with your saved list of prescriptions. All current clients of ours recently received our annual AEP letter which provides a little more detail on this process change and how to work with us.

Since these changes were only recently announced, we were provided limited time to create a solution that will enable us to fairly continue supporting changes to your needs. As the weeks roll on and we experience this new process we have put in place, we will see how viable and smoothly is it going. If we are not able to work around the changes that the industry has put in place, or if you would like to know how to review your own plan options using the Plan Finder Tool, we have written a fairly conprehensive guide to understanding the Tool. After all the years of hard work and support we have provided, we must respectfully inform you that we cannot guarantee a review of your plan but will certainly continue to do our best like we always have.

Welcome to the Imagine family!

Here at Imagine, we strive to treat everyone like family. While we are here to get you set up with insurance that is suitable for your unique situation, we also hope that you are happy and as healthy as can be. We have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people like yourself over the years and are thankful for your business and friendship. Since you are in our Imagine family, we would never recommend a company or product for you that we wouldn’t want for our own close family and loved ones.

Imagine Insurance Advisors was originally AM Warner Insurance, founded and run single-handedly by Allison Harris (then Warner) in 2002.  Allison was previously in the computer industry and when the winds of change blew, she built a windwill and made the decision to put her hard work into the insurance industry. She began selling Long-Term Care Insurance because it was such a specialized product and complicated to understand, but is such an important piece to maintaining your independence. LTC insurance is important to those that choose to purchase it, she wanted to be sure that clients that came to her for a policy would fully understand the value and cost so that they could select the best option for their long-term needs.

When Part D drug plans and Part C Advantage plans came out in 2006, she found that she was able to help more people make more important choices by becoming a Medicare options specialist as well. While not everyone will need LTC Insurance, most everyone will need Medicare and she was excited to expand her expertise and give more people a peace of mind.

During these years of the entrance of Part D and Part C, Allison’s daughter, Madeline, was in high school and began doing more extensive back-office work and was involved in the application process for plan enrollments. Madeline was so elated to do more than mailings and busy work that midway through college, she decided to forego a Psychology degree and instead changed to Business Management in conjunction with the state insurance license.  In 2011, Madeline Warner obtained her insurance license and followed in her mother’s footsteps of being a trusted resource to turn to when your Medicare options aren’t so clear. She was able to hit the ground running because she had spent countless hours listening to Allison transact and support clients over the phone which translated to lots of third-hand experience.

In 2014, Madeline worked heavily in the under 65 health insurance market to help numerous individuals and families understand all the changes that the Affordable Care Act made to obtaining health insurance. During that time, Medicare options remained her primary focus and in 2018 she left the under 65 individual market to focus solely on Medicare options. There is a plethora of information regarding Medicare coverage options and it can be difficult for you to decide which one is right for you, especially when your eligibility is sometimes limited by the myriad of enrollment rules. Madeline’s knowledge base and teaching style enables her to take that giant net of generic information and turn it into an easy-to-understand package that is tailored to you and your unique situation.

Imagine Insurance Advisors is family owned and operated and has been that way since the beginning. Allison and Madeline are the sole agents and work as a team. We don’t involve any third-parties in the conduct of our business and are humbled by the gratitude and respect that our local Louisville community has bestowed on us through the referrals of your loved friends and family. Every piece of mail or every internet post you see from us was thoughtfully folded and written by one of personally.

Welcome to the Imagine family, we able happy to have been there for you to help make the best decisions in regards to your coverage choices.